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PDC Drill Bits Workshop In Egypt I n 2014, Middle East Supplies FZC established an independent repair bit shop to provide to repair PDC bits through cooperation with Napesco Egypt. The bit repair shop is equipped with the state of the art local and western equipment to ensure efficient repair process. Cleveland 950E High Speed Steel Extra Long Length Drill Bit, Black Oxide, Round Shank, 118 Degree Notched Point, 11/64" Dia. x 8" Lg (Pack of 1) Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light CMT 811.254.11 Straight Router Bit 1/4-Inch Shank, 1-Inch Cutting Diameter, 3/4-Inch Cutting Length Obsidian is known for its characteristic glossy appearance and smooth texture. It is formed from the lava flow from a volcanic eruption and comes in many colors, but black and brown are the most common.